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Te veo/Me Ves
August 26, 2018
Duration: 5 hours
“Changes: Works at Union Station,” curated by Stephen van Dyck, presented by Metro Art LA
Union Station, Los Angeles, CA
Nails: Jeffrey Chavez

Te veo/Me ves is third in a series of works about two fallen soldiers who keep each other alive through their gazes in the moments before their deaths. For this iteration, I ask the audience to stand in for the performer who has held my gaze in previous iterations. In doing so, we help keep each other alive; we see each other. By lying down, making our bodies horizontal, we extract ourselves from the pressure to constantly work and push forward. We rest and resist together and for one another.

This act is additionally a small gesture in solidarity with the prisoners currently on strike, especially those at the Men’s Central Jail, Twin Towers Correctional Facility, and Metropolitan Detention Center, all within a half mile of Union Station. It is for those being held by ICE at the Metropolitan Detention Center. It is for those who are under attack, who have been under attack, and yet remain.

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