On Record
Performance. ELEVATOR MONDAYS at Other Places Art Fair. Angels Gate Park, San Pedro, CA.
February 3, 2018. Duration: 06:00:00.
Nails: Jeffrey Chavez

A performance in which I read news articles and official documents regarding the now-defunct
INS/ICE San Pedro Processing Center on Terminal Island, which I am overlooking from Angels Gate
Park. These texts weave together the tale of a detention facility that, from its inception in 
1991, was the site of innumerable human rights violations. In 2007, the center came under public 
scrutiny for three major scandals, the most egregious of which was the death of Victoria
Arellano, an HIV-positive, 23-year-old trans woman whose condition quickly deteriorated after
being repeatedly denied medication. It closed soon thereafter for maintenance repairs and remains

Documentation by Don Edler for ELEVATOR MONDAYS.

"Site Pacific," Artforum Diary
"Artemisa Clark's 'On Record' at ELEVATOR MONDAYS at Other places art fair," unpublished